Honda Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get a Honda Care Vehicle Service Contract?

Honda Care is offered exclusively by dealers. You can go to any authorized Honda dealer and ask for it by name.

Do I have to go to my original Honda dealer for repairs?

No. Honda Care is honored at any authorized Honda dealership in the United States.

I want to buy a vehicle service contract (VSC). Can I include the cost in my auto financing?
You may include a VSC in your finance contract if you purchase it at the time of your finance agreement. A VSC adds protection, but is not a requirement and is fully optional. See your dealer for details.
I live in Florida, can I purchase Honda Care from you?

No Honda dealer, outside the State of Florida can register a Honda Care contract to anyone that uses a Florida address.

Due to Florida Insurance regulations, Florida residents are expected to purchase within the state and pay the retail price. Discounting is not allowed in Florida.

Can I purchase a Honda Care plan if my vehicle is for commercial purposes?

If YOUR VEHICLE has been used, as determined by the ADMINISTRATOR, for COMMERCIAL PURPOSE(S) whether or not YOUR VEHICLE is licensed for COMMERCIAL PURPOSE(S) or registered to a corporation, UNLESS YOU have purchased the COMMERCIAL USE OPTION and the COMMERCIAL USE is a specifically Permitted Use, and not a specifically Prohibited Use, as follows:

Permitted Use:
If YOU purchased the COMMERCIAL USE OPTION (surcharge required), YOUR VEHICLE may be used for COMMERCIAL PURPOSES as follows: mail delivery, bank
courier, grocery delivery, pizza delivery, auto parts delivery, real estate sales, real estate appraisal, pool cleaning services, construction work, plumbing services, pharmaceutical sales, parking control, gardening services, building maintenance, auto detailing, office equipment services, vending machine services, sales calls, home insurance claims, collision estimators, painting contractors, airport luggage delivery, carpet installers, landscapers, roofing estimators, mobile auto repair, locksmith services, computer repair services, auto glass repair/replacement, escrow services, office supplies delivery, dry cleaners, mobile pet grooming, catering, floral delivery, interior designers, building materials delivery, electricians, home care service (elderly), home health/aide care services, telephone repair services, cosmetic sales/delivery, refrigeration repair/services, aquarium service, interior plant services, carpet cleaning services, auto parts pick-up/
delivery, etc.

Prohibited Use:
If YOUR VEHICLE is used for plowing snow for hire, hauling, plowing, towing or road service operations, for hire (rental, taxi, limousine or shuttle service), law enforcement, fire, ambulance or emergency services, park ranger, rescue services and/or has non-standard equipment installed specifically to facilitate COMMERCIAL USE, (with the exception of vehicles registered to a licensed, accredited, or otherwise state approved driver’s training school, and limited to the installation of instructor required dual steering, braking, or accelerator controls. Please note: Any non-standard equipment installed to facilitate use as a driver’s training vehicle, or resulting damage from the installation of such parts is not eligible for coverage under this contract.) it is not eligible for coverage under this contract, or any Honda Care Service Contract.

If YOU have questions about COMMERCIAL USE OPTION eligibility, please call Honda Care Customer Service at (800) 999-5901.

Why do I need Honda Care if my new car is under the Limited Warranty?
While the Honda Limited Warranty covers 3 years/36,000 miles and the Honda Powertrain Warranty covers 5 years/60,000 miles, Honda Care offers a variety of mechanical and electrical coverage¹ with terms up to 8 years/120,000 miles.

¹ Exclusions include, but are not limited to, body parts, tires, maintenance items, glass, upholstery, trim, carpeting and ornamentation. Claims cannot exceed the cash value of the vehicle.

How does the deductible work?

Honda Care has two deductible options: $0 and $100.  ​The $0 option has slightly higher upfront cost, but is worth the difference in the long run as smaller repairs can be claimed without payment. If your plan has a deductible, it is paid on a per visit basis, regardless of home many repairs are made during that visit.

What happens to my Honda Care coverage if I sell my car?

If you choose to sell your car, Honda Care is transferable¹,² to the new owner. You also have the option to cancel and get a pro-rated refund.

¹ Actual coverages, limitations, and exclusions may vary. See your Service Contract and Cross Country Motor Club, Inc. (CCMC) Membership Guidelines and/or Emergency Roadside Assistance Guidelines for complete details.

² Transfer fees may apply.

I want to buy a vehicle service contract. Can I include the cost in my lease payment?
You may include a Honda Care Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) in your lease agreement if you purchase it at the time of your lease agreement. This adds protection but is not a leasing requirement and is fully optional. See your Honda dealer for details.
What should I do if my vehicle is lost, stolen or destroyed?
In this case, please continue to make your payments and immediately notify Customer Service to discuss the next steps. All leases include Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) to protect you if your insurance company pays less than it would cost to pay off the car. The lease GAP coverage provides different protection than the Honda or Acura Care GAP and certain exclusions and limitations apply, so please refer to your contract or contact Customer Service for details.